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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely enamored by Feist’s creative process (see documentary: Look at What the Light Did Now). And how lovely are these video vignettes — a delightful precursor to her upcoming album, Metals (Oct. 3). Four years since her last album, it’s about time!

If Feist’s Nov. 17 show at the Moore is anything like the concert footage in her documentary, it’s bound to be an absolutely stunning mix of narrative art and music. I’m prepared to be blown away.

And not to be missed is this little nugget of gold that appeared in her documentary last year: Gonazales and young Feist. I especially like the neon-leotard, tap dance bit.



Syrian artist, Omar Souleyman, remixes Bjork’s “Crystalline.”
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The song will be an extension of Bjork’s 8th musical brainchild, Biophilia (Oct. 10 release), which has been described as the world’s “first app album” in that each song has an interactive iPad app counterpart. I suspect this is only just the beginning of touch-based music videos (Pop Up Video app, anyone?). I admire that Bjork’s art is transformative and a reflection of the tools and trends of the times. This lady’s creative endeavors never fail to disappoint.

I look forward to more multimedia integration from the artists I adore.