I think package and product design could be enhanced by thinking about how the behavior of an object changes through time. Shampoo bottles, for example.

The picture above is a typical shower scene: some shampoo bottles flipped upside down to maximize shampoo access. It became apparent that shampoo bottles have a beginning state and an end state (true for all products that get used up.) The beginning state is upright, or ‘half full’. The end state is face-down, ‘half empty.’ Some design solutions have already catered to this design problem, as seen by the conditioner bottle. It stays “upright” the whole time because they positioned the cap on bottom. The overall shape and branding are affordances that let us know how it should stand, and bonus! shampoo access is always maximized.

But what I wish is that designers embraced the shampoo-bottle-flip so that the design would be just as interesting upright as it is upside down. And think of the novelty and surprise the user will have when they flip it upside down instinctually and find that it is just as beautiful that way too! Maybe I should do a search on The Dieline before making such snobby requests…this kind of thing might already exist. And to those designers, bravo.